My everyday hair products (how I keep my hair healthy)


These little beauties are my hair life savers. I have used these products (not always same brand) for about 8 months now, and they have made such a difference.

The coconut oil is something I use once a week. (I do not always buy the same exact coconut oil.) It is what I use for my weekly hair mask. I coat my hair with A LOT of coconut oil, wrap it in cling wrap, and sleep with it on. I get up in the morning, rinse my hair, and just use conditioner on it.

The detangler, I do not always use the same brand. I honestly picked this one up because it has aragn  oil in it. One thing that I do that many people do not is that no matter what detangler I use I put a little of the coconut oil from the tub in it and shake it up. I do this because I want to put coconut oil in my hair everyday, but not like doing a mask

Coconut milk, I LOVE this product. I have been using this the longest of the three. It keeps my hair looking shinny and healthy. I also use it on my six year old daughter’s hair because putting a little oil in your child’s hair actually helps prevent lice. I recommend using this on your hair after you have showered. Put it in after you towel dry, but before you brush in addition to the detangler. Using the two together helps detangle your hair, and that helps reduce breakage.

One other thing I would recommend that is not pictured is argan oil. I used to use this everyday as well, but ran out about a month ago, and just never picked anymore up. I fully intend on buying more, because it is the one product I used even before the coconut milk. I actually used to mix the two together and put it in my hair.


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