Five Minute Overnight Heatless Curl Part Two: Your Questions Answered.

Yesterday I received a question from a reader about my five minute overnight heatless curl tutorial. (View Original Post Here) She tried it out and got beautiful curls, but had a few questions. Here is what she wrote:

“Hey girl I tried your blog about curly hair and I have long thick hair and I didn’t know if there was an easier way to do it without the band being so full and the hair tangling and without it being frizzy (I wrapped it with a scarf) the curls turned out great on the middle and the bottom but the tops were frizzy. Also, do you do a lot of medium pieces or large strands?”

These are great questions, and honestly, something I should have addressed in the first post.

I just wanted to say again that I have thick hair that does not hold a curl, and this is the only way I have found so far that keeps my hair curly all day long.

First I would say instead of using a scarf, try a bandanna. That is actually what I normally use. You want to use something that ties so in the morning you can untie it and slide it out through the curls instead of having to try to get a headband out of them.

Second, I would say once every five wraps, to grab the part already wrapped around the bandanna, and slide it toward your face, so that by the time you make it to the back, you have enough room.

Third, if you are anything like me you move around in your sleep and that will cause the top to be frizzy. I like to wrap a scarf over my head, and then take cling wrap and wrap it around that once or twice. The reason for this is that just wrapping a scarf is still cloth rubbing on cloth when you move around and the scarf may move and still cause some frizz. Another thing that may help is to put a little moose in it right before you start wrapping it. This will help the style hold as well.

Last, as for the amount of hair, I usually use about a 2 to 3 inch wide section to start. I wrap it around and add another section of the same size to it.


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