5 minute overnight heatless curls.

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I am a big fan of not putting heat on my hair. I rarely straighten my hair, and have found that when I know I am going to wear my hair down that doing this quick fix the night before works well for me.

So I have that type of hair that falls flat just five minutes after curling it with a curling iron. I’ve always been jealous of the girls who can put a curling iron in their hair for a few seconds, dust it with hair spray, and go. It takes me hours to curl my hair, and it only lasts about 2 hours.


(My normal straight hair)

So, I started looking for a way to get that curly hair I have always wanted, and I finally found it. I did not have time to film a video tutorial for you, so I snatched one for you. You can find the link at the very bottom of the post.


heatless curls

I find that this picture most accurately shows how to wrap your hair I do find that there are a few important things it leaves out.

1. Your hair needs to be damp, but I am talking damp like if your hair was dry and you sprayed some detaingler on it. This is important because if your hair is too wet, you will not get curls.

2. No matter how you part your hair during the day, part it down the middle when you are doing this and just move your part in the morning. If you do not have equal amounts of hair on both sides, one side of your head will have smaller curls than the other side.

3. Most importantly, do not twist your hair like the picture is showing. Just wrap it around (TIGHTLY), add hair, wrap, add hair…etc. Twisting it actually makes it less likely to dry, and less curly. I never twist mine. Like the girl below.


So when you are done it should look like this


I recommend wrapping a scarf or something around it before going to bed to help keep your curls from getting frizzed up.

Take them down in the morning and…

11000579_10204698205558450_8298358254745665314_n 11698407_10204760175787667_2944026554411403472_n

Here is the link to the youtube video


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