DIY Airbrush foundation and Blush

Step 1: Gather your ingredients 

You will need:

Note: does not matter brand of bottled water.

    Note: you can use what ever setting spray you want.
 Note: you can use whatever mineral powder you want. 
You can get ball bearings at your local hardware store. 


Bottles. Size does matter.

Grab your bottle and the sharpie and draw lines splitting the bottle into 4 parts.  

Fill the bottle up to the first line with your glycerin. 

Add water up to the third line.

Add setting spray up to the last line.

Drop in two ball bearings and mix for 30 seconds. 

Now you have this. 


Now to get this 


add any mineral powder to fill 1/3 of the bottle. 

Fill the rest of the bottle with this stuff 


Drop in 2 ball bearings and shake until it is mixed completely.

Anddddd…. You are done!  



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