Every other lipstick that I own…

So if it has not become clear to you yet, I am getting a lot of posts done. I just had surgery, Friday, and what a better way to spend my bed rest than to blog about beauty products! So for this one, I pulled out every lipstick I own, except for the e.l.f matte Rich Red that I did a separate post on .


This is Maybelline Color Whisper  in who wore it red-er. Personally, I feel that the color comes off a lot less red than it appears to be. It is not as pigmented as I had hoped.


This is covergirls’s fairy-tale 405. This product is not smooth, and when put on it is chunky, and just looks really cheap.


This is Maybelline’s Red revival 645. This product is smooth, and very pigmented.


This is Eyes Lips Face Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Carpet. It isn’t bad, but it also isn’t great. The pigmentation is pretty good, but I feel like it comes off a little chunky.


These are Revlon Juicy Papaya (lighter one) and Wild Watermelon (darker). Honestly, I gave these to my six year old to play with. The pigmentation is awful, and they are so ridiculoisly glittery that it looks like children’s play makeup.


3 thoughts on “Every other lipstick that I own…

  1. Sorry that the Revlon didn’t work out for you. I actually liked them because I was trying to find a good light pink color for my skin tone and the sheerness made it easier to find one that was flattering

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