Affordable makeup products that every girl must have.

So there are a million posts out there about your must have makeup items, and most of them are expensive, but for girls who cannot afford to spend all of their money in Ulta (because if I could I totally would lol), what are you to do?

Well, I have stumbled upon a few cheaper products that everyone can afford, that are totally worth it.

  • IMG_1546 A beauty blender sponge. I know there are a million people out there telling you that you absolutely must only purchase the beauty blender brand sponge, and if you can afford that, be my guest! Personally, I purchased a dupe for $6.00 that works beautifully, and it is now part of my everyday makeup routine.
  • IMG_1547 Maybelline FIT me shine-free. I am not a big fan of liquid foundation, I don’t know why, it just has never been my favorite, so I use this everyday. It goes on smooth, does not look cakey, and does not run after a few hours.
  • IMG_1549 When I do decide to use liqiuid fondation, Maybelline SuperStay 24hour makeup is my go to. It goes on very smoothly, has great coverage, is not cakey, and it lasts.
  • IMG_1551There are not enough good words in the world to describe just how much I love this covergirl concealer. I also apply this with my beauty blender, and it looks beautiful. It covers my under eye circles, and does not look cakey.


  • I use this Covergirl professional loose powder to set my makeup everyday. I use my beauty blender dupe to apply it, and it sets my foundation and concealer perfectly. It gives my skin a beautiful dewy look, and adds a tiny bit of extra coverage.
  • elftranslucentpowder
  •  I love this e.l.f. translucent powder. I use it to set my concealer and I also use it to set my lipstick. You would be amazed how much longer your lipstick lasts when you add just a little bit of translucent powder.
  • IMG_1548This palette is fairly cheap, I want to say no more than $8.00, and if you cant tell from looking at how I have hit pan, I love it. I use this palette for my everyday look. The colors are very well pigmented and they last once applied.
  • IMG_1550I try new mascara almost weekly. I have super long lashes, and have tried everything I could to achieve the false lashes look without the false lashes, and this is pretty close. It really is a beautiful mascara. The applicator separates your lashes, and the dark black color really makes them pop.
  • liquidliner I love this liner. It is dark, easy to apply, and not to runny, which is just what you want from a liquid liner.
  • elfmatterichred This $3.00 matte e.l.f. lipstick is my absolute favorite lipstick that I own. Like I was saying before, I do set it with a little bit of powder, but every picture you have ever seen of my with red lips is with this lipstick. I fell in love with the color.
  • covergirlbombshelllast, and …least. I recently tried this mascara and FELL IN LOVE! When applied it is beautiful, and you totally do not need falsies when wearing this… only one MAJOR problem. Putting this on is like applying super glue to your lashes. Prepare to lose half of your lashes when you try to clean it off. It takes days to get this off entirely.

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